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our history

since 1920

The Bed and Breakfast is part of an ancient Sicilian palace dating back about 100 years. The stones were extracted from the Ragusa quarries, transported by a horse-drawn cart, and laid manually in the Baroque center. Unlike most buildings in the historic center, Le Sirene still has the original 1920 construction decree, when the owner’s great-great-grandfather Giorgio Gulino decided to start construction of the palace on Via Maria Paternò Arezzo. The building has undergone many transformations and passed through different hands, until Le Sirene opened its doors in 2009. Entering the Bed and Breakfast, you can still admire the original stone masonry, where the blocks of limestone and sandstone are still the protagonists after over 100 years.

Between Present and Future



The owner and director Franca Gulino decided to create a unique and modern B&B in a historic and meaningful building. Located in the heart of Ragusa Ibla, just steps away from the Church of San Giorgio, Le Sirene B&B has been active for over 10 years. With a keen eye for design and a life lived with style, Franca has been able to blend modern and traditional elements, preserving the concept of “Bed & Breakfast” and transforming it into a luxury experience.Curiamo nei minimi dettagli il servizio clienti, con un’attenzione particolare al vostro soggiorno in Sicilia per vivere un’esperienza siciliana indimenticabile.


Casa di campagna Arucimeli, Giarratana

Aruciméli is located on the Margi Estate, halfway between Ragusa Ibla and Giarratana, both famous medieval and Baroque centers in the heart of the Iblei Park. The resort consists of carefully restored ancient buildings with original materials, surrounded by a high white stone wall that ensures the privacy of its guests. Staying at Aruciméli means enjoying a vacation dedicated to art, culture, good food, local wine, and relaxation. The resort is situated in the upper valley of the Irminio river, between the karst ridges and the evocative Hyblean countryside, creating an ideal environment for those who wish to spend a vacation immersed in nature. History and art enthusiasts will appreciate the proximity to numerous archaeological sites near the property. Finally, the Aruciméli Resort will delight you with a menu based on typical local ingredients, offering you an authentic and delicious taste of the area’s food and wine culture.



Cinzia B.

"The B&B Le Sirene is in an excellent location to visit the center of Ragusa. The cleanliness of the room and bathroom was outstanding."


"Immersed in the heart of Ragusa Ibla, this B&B is ideal for those who want to stay for a few days to enjoy the wonders of this city."


"Excellent location in the center of Ibla, a privilege to stay in a historic building. The availability and service of the hostess was excellent."